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Petra Money is a club that helps members find the best prices on all of their purchases and creates new ways for them to generate money from club owned investments.  Apps and stores are generating record profits and we want to share those profits with our community.  We will be investing in new businesses, apps, real estate, franchises, and rentals.  You can invest any amount and generate profits based on your financial contributions and the performance of your roster.  Profits will be distributed to our members and invested into luxury 24 hour community centers. 

Create a list of your favorite products and we'll work to get them to you for the best price!  Even if your favorite products are not yet available for purchase through our marketplace, you can still share prices and help other members find the best places to buy them.  Shop from any store or manufacturer and have it shipped to your home or local club.  After exploring our marketplace, you'll learn how you can leverage our community to access the best that the world has to offer, simply by requesting it.  You'll also be able to generate money on your own terms by selling your own products and services, or by contributing to our marketplaces.  Every company and new member that you add to our marketplace will generate lifetime commissions for your account. 

Ready to join?  Just create a free account and your personal assistant will help you start building your empire!